Are you ready to breastfeed?

Nukilan Mama Ain
Are you ready to breastfeed?

If you plan to breastfeed, make sure you:

1.    Learn a lot about breastfeeding, from the right sources. To find the right source ni agak tricky jugak. Sometimes nurse kat klinik pun taktau apa2 tentang exclusive BF (Sori ya nurse..).
2.    Make good networking with breastfeeding moms. Reading alone won’t help, unless you don’t face many problems to breastfeed during the early days.
3.    Know what to expect when you breastfeed… Sorenipples, engorgement, etc.
4.    Know where to go when you face problem. Definitely not your makcik who never breastfeed her babies. Go to LC or any friends who experienced it.
5.    Smart enough to differentiate between ‘excuses’ to not to BF and the true things those make you fail to BF.
6.    It’s from you. Say you want to BF. Not you have to BF. Don’t stressing yourself out just because your friends BF, and you don’t want to be called ‘a lousy mother’. Every mother wants to give the very best to her baby, ain’t it?

Things won’t make you fail to breastfeed:

1.    You don’t produce milk during the first few days. It is perfectly normal.
2.    You undergo c-section.
3.    You give birth to a boy (There’s a myth says that a baby boy’s mother can’t breastfeed cos the milk won’t meet the baby’s demand).
4.    You don’t have ‘urut lancar susu’.
5.    Your baby has jaundice. Breastmilk jaundice is normal, bukan sebab susu tak serasi dengan baby.
6.    You don’t produce milk during pregnancy.
7.    You didn’t do breast and nipple exercise during pregnancy.
8.    You have small breast.
9.    You have inverted, flat or small nipple.
10. You don’t eat any lactogenic food.
11. Your mom, sisters, makciks, bini Penghulu Kampung failed to breastfeed.
12. Your baby cries out his lung.

Breastfeeding is

1.    Natural BUT needs effort.
2.    The best beat for your baby.
3.    Supply vs demand concept. The more the demand, the more the supply.
4.    A commitment.
5.    FOR YOU! Yes, YOU!


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